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London networking events for doctors in tech.

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We will be adding speakers and aim to bring you an expert view as a starting point for our discussions. Each event will always have lots of opportunity for networking – we look forward to meeting you there!

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Why we’re doing this

We want to help doctors already working in health tech to connect, learn from and support each other.

There is a real gap in existing medical networks for established health care professionals working in technology. In traditional healthcare settings, we work alongside many clinically-trained colleagues to discuss difficult decisions and to solve problems. Although we sometimes work with doctors in our respective companies, we feel siloed across industry. We aim to break down these barriers.

Every time we attend a health tech event or conference, one of the highlights is meeting other doctors and healthcare professionals who work in the field. We hear many of the same issues across a variety of companies – be it a brand new start up or a large, established company. Conundrums such as:

  • How can the clinical team work most effectively with the product team?
  • How can we maintain clinical practice alongside health tech work?

  • How to approach ethical dilemmas within health tech, sometimes as the lone clinician voice?
  • Coming together to discuss these challenging topics will spark new ideas, new solutions and innovation.
  • It will provide a safe space with a group who understand the importance (& loneliness) of being the clinical voice.

About us

Our team

Dr. Jenny Williams

One of Jenny’s core principles is ito empower people to understand more about and to take more responsibility for their health. She does this on an individual level through her background as a GP, and at scale as the Clinical Operations Lead at Thriva Health, a preventative health tech and remote diagnostics company. She is passionate about bringing people together, through creating a peer mentoring network during training, and currently as a cohort leader for the Next Generation GP programme.

Dr. Adel Baluch

Working as the director of medical affairs for Ada Health, and also as a practicing primary care doctor, Adel is a big believer in the ability of technology to scalably improve both the health outcomes of patients, and the experiences of clinicians. He also believes in its potential to deliver better outcomes through empowerment and democratization of knowledge for individuals. He was keen to team up with Jenny to help bring like minded clinicians together in order to learn and support each other and share best practice.

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